Using E10 Petrol in Morgans

6th September 2021

E10 petrol is now being introduced at forecourts across the UK. The increased ethanol content can cause deterioration of rubber and plastic components, ultimately to the point that they could leak.

The Government website advising on E10 fuel now includes Morgan Motor Company's detailed advice on which parts of your car are at risk from E10 fuel. This was published in the May issue of Miscellany.

You can find the info here:


To avoid using E10, Super Unleaded is still limited to a maximum of E5 (5% ethanol). Some brands do not actually put any ethanol at all in their Super Unleaded. Each pump should be labelled with either E5 or E10 in a circle.

If you have to use E10 occasionally, don't worry, just fill up with Super Unleaded as often as you can, and keep an eye on the condition of the rubber hoses under the bonnet and around the fuel tank. Replace any that show cracks or evidence of fatigue.

It is also advised to try to avoid leaving E10 fuel in the tank for a long period, such as while laid up over winter.

Further detailed advice on E10 fuel can be found on the FBHVC website